A PhD in chemistry by education, a translator of scientific literature by passion. A good knowledge of three languages. Agata Jurkiewicz, who has an inborn profound hearing disorder, needed a long time to decide to use an implant. Today, she says “I’m addicted to sounds” and is happy that thanks to the implant it takes her less effort to learn languages. She thinks that learning languages should be an important element of rehabilitation of people with hearing disorder.

She prefers talking about English, German or Italian to talking about chemistry in which she has a PhD.  She wrote a thesis in English with a complicated title  – “Molecular modelling of thymidylate synthase and rational designing of its inhibitors as new generation antineoplastic drugs” and defended it in 2014 at the Faculty of Chemistry of the University of Warsaw. But her greatest passion is foreign languages. Asked what her main profession is – a chemist or linguist –  Agata answers: a translator and scientist.

Agata’s story